• Precision Plus Outlet

    Precision Plus Outlet products are fully guaranteed to meet the same quality and performance standards of all Precision Plus products. These products offer our customers an opportunity for significant savings from our regularly priced vacuum pump spare parts.

    Outlet items typically have cosmetic issues which in no way affect their performance. They may have slight color differences, be made from a different material or have a different shape, or they may have some insignificant damage from shipping or handling which does not affect performance, but retain the form, fit and function of the regular component.

    Other components in our Outlet section may simply be overstocks or discontinued items. Normally these are limited to stock on hand and once existing inventory is depleted, they are no longer available.

    Outlet Items: 

    Part Number Description Pump OEM List Sale Price Stock 
    54400GPPO Vane, 1st Stage, Cosmetic, 2063/63CAlcatel   $60.15 $20.00 37 
    730080PPOElement, Filter, Inlet, Cosmetic, VC400 Rietschle $17.36$6.00 24 
    87941GPPO Vane, 1st Stage, Cosmetic, 2033/33C Alcatel  $66.28$22.00 16 
    83945FRPPO Vane, 1st Stage, Cosmetic, 2012A Alcatel   $31.93$11.00 13 
    20009289FRPPO Vane, 1st Stage, Cosmetic, D1.6B Leybold $40.80$14.00 24 
    20402150FRPPO Vane, 2nd Stage, Cosmetic, E2M0.7/1/1.5 Edwards $28.56 $10.00 22 

    Discontinued and outlet items are limited to stock on hand. Sale Price is final net with no other discounts applied.