• Vacuum Pump Hinge Bars

    Vacuum pump hinge bars frequently operate in applications with challenging environmental requirements including high temperatures, abrasive particles and vacuum levels that require special attention to the materials and manufacturing of vacuum pump hinge bars to ensure proper fit, performance and reliability.

    Precision Plus replacement vacuum pump hinge bars are made to fit our "form fit and function" performance guarantee. Hinge bars are precision machined to tight tolerances from the finest alloy steels, to match the OEM performance requirements. Precision Plus supplies standard and oversized hinge bars to extend the usable life of the major pump components. Thorough inspection, testing and quality programs ensure that the replacement vacuum pump shaft will consistently meet your expectations.

    Standard, 1/32” oversize and 1/16” oversize, hinge bars are supplied for the Stokes Microvac 148H-10; Stokes Microvac 148H-11; Stokes Microvac 149H-10; Stokes Microvac 149H-11; Stokes Microvac 212H-10; Stokes Microvac 212H-11; Stokes Microvac 212J; Stokes Microvac 412H-10; Stokes Microvac 412H-11; Stokes Microvac 412J; and Stokes Microvac 612J

    Precision Plus maintains an extensive inventory of individual parts and vacuum pump repair kits to minimize lead times and just in time delivery helps you reduce your on-site inventory. 

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