• Vacuum Pump Fluids, Oils & Greases

    The benefits of proper pump fluid selection include longer pump life and less back-streaming which leads to a cleaner vacuum system and increased productivity. Precision Plus offers a complete range of mechanical vacuum pump oils including hydrocarbon, synthetic PFPE fluids and USDA-H2 approved oils for all pump types and vacuum applications. In addition to vacuum pump oil, Precision Plus supplies a wide range of vacuum pump greases and flushing fluids.

    Precision Plus vacuum fluids and greases can be used with confidence in place of major vacuum manufacturer’s oils such as Leybold’s Leybonol, Stokes V-Lube, Edwards Ultra-grade, Kinney LT or Welch Duoseal oil. You can trust that Precision Plus Oils have been formulated for superior performance and have been thoroughly tested to ensure a perfect match for your application. 

    Precision Plus maintains an extensive inventory of individual parts and vacuum pump repair kits to minimize lead times and just in time delivery helps you reduce your on-site inventory. 

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    Why Precision Plus

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